Besides functions Quanty defines several objects. The objects included are Complex numbers, Operators, Wavefunctions, Spectra, and TightBinding definitions. Each object comes with a small library (with the same name as the object) that defines several functions specific to the object. Objects furthermore can have several methods and or properties. When possible implementations are such that functions do not change the values of their argument, whereas methods act on the object they belong to. i.e. B=Chop(A) will not alter A but return a new object B that is the chopped version of A. A.Chop() will change A to its chopped version. A.Chop() uses less memory as it only stores one copy of A.

Objects give some access to data structures defined within Quanty. One can directly access some of the elements of these structures, which are listed below as the properties of each of these objects. Objects have methods defined that directly modify the structure. For example rounding small numbers to zero can be done with the method A.Chop on most objects. Last but not least objects can define functions specific to the defined data structure within the object. ###

Defined objects