Broad structure of RIXS at M4.5 of cerium with Ligand field theory

asked by BODRY TEGOMO CHIOGO (2020/12/03 12:00)

Dear Quanty developers, I was inspired by the tutorial for the calculation of the rixs at the L23 edge of NiO for writing a script for RIXS at the M4,5 edge of cerium with ligand field theory. There are 3 finals states in the spectra: -f^1_{5/2} and spin-orbit splitting final state f^1_{7/2} corresponding to f-f excitations

- f^2 final states

The f^2 final state exibit many structure due to the multiplet effect. Please, I would like to known if it is possible to broad only the f^2 final state in the RIXS spectra so that it corresponds with the structure that we mesure experimntaly.

Thanks in advance Best wishes Bodry


, 2021/02/08 21:45

You can add an energy dependent broadening, but I'm not sure this is what you want.

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