Quanty - a quantum many body script language

This document contains the documentation of the scripting language Quanty. The idea of Quanty is to provide the user (programmer) with a high level script language that can handle complex many body problems. We focus on spectroscopy and dynamics of systems with a variable amount of correlation and moderate to infinite extend, i.g. molecules and crystals. The computation time one needs to solve problems in quantum mechanics scales exponential with system size. It is often easy to write down the problem, but it would take a near infinite amount of time to solve most problems in quantum mechanics. We thus need to invent ingenious approximations and solve these. Here Quanty can help as it solves many of the math problems without the need for the user to think how this is done in detail. The philosophy of Quanty is that the user specifies an accuracy and Quanty tries to solve the problem with this accuracy.

Quanty is still in its infancy and developing fast. It started as a tool to calculate x-ray spectroscopy and that’s where you’ll find most of the examples, but by now it can do much more. More features are developed on a daily basis, we are quite aware that several obvious things you want to do are not yet fully implemented. Non-the-less we hope you find this package useful.

Table of contents