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 +====== Installation problem ======
 +asked by [[mailto:​wksdlssu2@naver.com|kooktaeKim]] (2020/05/12 16:28)
 +== ==
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 +Hello thank you for sharing your knowledge!
 +I'm trying to install Quanty on my Ubuntu desktop.
 +I downloaded the folder(quanty_lin) for the installation and I found that the binary file "​Quanty"​ is in it.
 +I copied this binary to my "/​bin"​ directory which is already appended in my PATH.
 +But when I try to execute tutorial files, "the permission denied"​ message shows up. 
 +If I try to execute quanty with sudo command, the "​command not found" massage shows up.
 +Can you help me to fix this??
 +kooktae Kim