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 -- Alternative way to get the wavefunctions. -- Alternative way to get the wavefunctions.
-psiList1 = Eigensystem(Hamiltonian_CT, StartRestrictions,​ Npsi, {{"​Restrictions",​ StartRestrictions}})+psiList1 = Eigensystem(Hamiltonian, StartRestrictions,​ Npsi, {{"​Restrictions",​ StartRestrictions}})
 psiList1 = Hamiltonian_CT * psiList1 psiList1 = Hamiltonian_CT * psiList1
 Eigensystem(Hamiltonian,​ psiList1, {{'​ExpandBasis',​ false}}) Eigensystem(Hamiltonian,​ psiList1, {{'​ExpandBasis',​ false}})